What type of Tow Bar do you need?

April 16, 2015    

Tow Bar Installation

So you are planning a trip or in need of moving some cargo – and not sure what type of tow bar installation you should install in your car! Then, you have arrived at the right place, as it is imperative for you to learn what type of tow bars best before installing.
If you are in need of getting your life on the move, it is essential that you install the correct tow bar for your lifestyle and vehicle.

Tow Bar Installation

A Tow Bar is a modest vehicle accessory

Once a tow bar is fitted, it instantly transforms your car from being just a car to a power utility – it can become a pick up and dump truck, moving van, a mobile home, and much more.
When you decide on buying and looking for a mobile towbar fitting, it is not a difficult thing that you will ever tackle in your life, however, for some it may be that they are inexperienced and end up all confused. Before starting an installation, there is a bit of lingo and knowledge required! We are here to make your life easier – read on and learn how you can select the right tow bar that fits all your needs and wants, and general process required for installation.

First, Make Sure to Find a Suitable Tow Bar

First, there are particular tow bars for explicit vehicle models and makes. If you buy a tow bar for one car the chance is that you will not be able to install it with another model of the same make. When, buying a tow bar, make sure to buy according to the make and model of your car.

What kind of Mount

Once figuring out the form of tow bar to fit to your make and model of vehicle, you need to make a decision whether you want a coach-mounted tow bar or car mounted tow bar – the difference is where the tow bars placed on the car! The coach-mounted tow bars installed on the front of the vehicle while the car mounted ones installed on the front of the car.

What type of Tow are you

Now you may be thinking that is the final thing to decide, you are wrong! Now you need to know if you are looking for a collapsible or rigid tow bar. The difference between them is obvious and the name says it all. However, the importance is that the rigid tow bar needs careful fitting as once installed you cannot adjust it. Where the collapsible tow bars foldable an adjustable making this a more flexible choice when it comes to installations. The rigid tow bars more affordable due to limitations – while the collapsible tow bars more suited for seasoned towers, who tows on a usual basis.

Know your Vehicles limits

Another important part to consider is to be aware of what your car’s weight limit is by checking the manual and seeing what the cars; tow rating is – as with carrying more weight than what the car can handle could cause unsafe towing. Always assess the load before travelling – make sure the back end of the trailers not sagging and can be prevented by installing a weight-distributing hitch on the tow bar to make sure that the trailer load stays level.

If you want to know more about tow bar Brisbane installations ask our friendly experts at Tow Bar Brisbane – we have been servicing Brisbane for over 20 years and are 100% Australian. Contact us today about your tow bar queries we are here to help!



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