Custom Tow Bars

Australians are one-of-a-kind.  We are active, energetic, creative, and adventurous individuals.  As soon as we have a chance to leave the hustle and bustle of our busy towns, we will hop in our cars and hit the road with our surfboards, bikes, boats, and off-road vehicles.  We live unique lives and our leisure time should reflect that.  Before heading out on the open road you need to keep your adventure toys safely towed behind your camper, van, motorhome or truck with a set of custom tow bars

Custom Tow Bars Brisbane

Brisbane auto and body shops can create for your vehicle custom tow bars Brisbane made to meet your specific towing needs and designed to keep your vehicle looking clean and sharp when you are not towing anything.  When looking for custom tow bars, you will need the tow bar fitted, installed, or a tow bar kit if you plan on personally installing any of your custom tow bars.  Brisbane tow bar manufacturers will be able to answer any questions you have and will be gladly determine what custom tow bars are needed for your vehicles.

custom tow bars

When having custom tow barsBrisbane designed and then having your tow bar fitted, be certain the installation will not void your vehicle manufactures warranty.  Keep this in mind if you are using a tow bar kit and installing the tow bar yourself.  This is just an extra precaution to look into.  You don’t want to be surprised by your auto manufacturer if you are seeking a minor repair that should be under warranty and then you find out your warranty is no longer valid because you decided to install simple custom tow bars.  No one should be punished for just wanting to have a fun weekend adventure or vacation. 

Getting Your Tow Bar Fitted

When you find a maker of custom tow bars, Brisbane manufacturers usually say the process will take between two to four weeks – so plan this purchase about one month prior to your vacation.  Once the customs tow bars are complete, you will need to go back to the auto body shop to get your tow bar fitted and then installed.  This process should take between three to five hours.  Some body shops will come to your home or office to install your custom tow bars on-site.

If you are an incredibly active adventurer who fills their month with weekends of boating, then a weekend of biking, a weekend of off-roading, and then a weekend helping your co-worker move, a set of custom tow bars Brisbane would be perfect for you.  If you get a custom tow bar fitted to each vehicle and trailer you will be towing, it will be quick and easy to head out on the back roads and explore our native Australia.  Your vehicles will always be ready to go.  Since we customize our adventures, we need custom tow bars to make it complete, interesting and full of excitement. It is the only way that can make our adventure more memorable.